Bears’ Jaylon Johnson: I’m already one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL

As Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson heads into his third NFL season, he wants some more credit.

Johnson said he is among the elite cornerbacks in the NFL, and people have failed to notice because he only has one interception in his career.

“I’m already one of the top corners,” he told the Chicago Sun-Times. “I just haven’t had the stats to back that up in terms of interceptions. But if we’re talking about strictly limiting guys, covering guys, I don’t think there’s too many guys in this league that can cover better than me. It’s more so about the media, especially going into my third year and having an opportunity to restructure a contract. I feel like that plays a part, in that respect. But I know for a fact across the league that my name is respected. People know what I can do.”

Johnson says he’s not the only one impressed with his own skills. Johnson said other players and coaches around the NFL routinely tell him how impressive he is.

“They’ve told me,” Johnson said. “I’m not making this up. . . . After every game, head coaches, quarterbacks, receivers will say, ‘Hey, bro, I respect your game.’ It’s not just something that I think I have.”

New Bears General Manager Ryan Poles and coach Matt Eberflus didn’t inherit a lot of young talent on their roster, but Johnson is a 23-year-old with a bright future, and a lot of confidence.