Mike Tomlin: “Mitch Trubisky is our starting quarterback and our captain”

Given that the depth chart may not always be accurate, it’s good to get the info straight from the source.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin told reporters on Tuesday that, indeed, quarterback Mitch Trubisky is the starting quarterback.

“Mitch Trubisky is our starting quarterback and our captain,” Tomlin said, before the audio of his press conference crapped out. “We’re really comfortable with what Mitch has shown us.”

Tomlin explained that Trubisky has been a “franchise” quarterback, and that he has a winning record as a starter. In four years with the Bears, Trubisky took the team to the playoffs twice. It was also important to Tomlin that Trubisky took care of the football in stadium settings.

The best news for the Steelers is that all three quarterbacks did that during the preseason.

Tomlin confirmed that, despite Monday’s depth chart, rookie Kenny Pickett is the No. 2 quarterback. Tomlin explained that Pickett’s development “took off” when it was time to play in games. Tomlin said it’s “reasonable to expect” Pickett’s “growth and development to continue.”

Tomlin also praised No. 3 quarterback Mason Rudolph for not “pouting” about his status.

We’ll go back to pouting about not being able to hear more from Tomlin.