Doctor Ditches Car Stuck in Traffic to Run 45 Minutes and Perform Critical Surgery

Stuck in total gridlock, an Indian doctor ditched his car and ran 1.8 miles (3 kilometers) to the hospital where one of his patients was awaiting him for gallbladder surgery.

Traffic in the 8-million-man metropolis of Bengaluru can be so bad, it’s “meme-triggering” according to the Times of India.

Heavy rains had, on August the 30th, caused p particularly infamous stretch of road in the capital of the state of Karnataka to become partially waterlogged. With traffic showing no signs of easing, gastroenterological surgeon, Dr. Govind Nandakumar, made a decision.

He knew he already had a patient prepped for surgery, and two other patients later in the day with scheduled procedures.

“I did not want to waste any more time waiting for the traffic to clear up as my patients aren’t allowed to have their meals until surgery is over,” said Dr. Nandakumar to the Times. “I did not want to keep them waiting for so long.”

The traffic in Bengaluru has prevented patients from reaching hospital emergency rooms before, so Nandakumar didn’t bother to chance it.

“The patient recovered well, and the surgery went smoothly,” he said. “I run everyday and in fact before I had to do this I just finished in the gym. Normally I run 3-5 kilometers a day, but running in the middle of the road in formal shoes is not ideal.”

There’s something to be said here about being able to run a 5K; it could save your life, or someone else’s.